Construction Management
Forensic Investigations

Construction Management
Forensic Investigations

Forensic Case Experience (Other Cases)

Forensic Case Experience (Other Cases)

  • Neighbor fell over an existing retaining wall structure on private/residential property.

  • Concrete block foundation wall collapse due to Hurricane Sandy.

  • Structural damage to residential buildings due to explosion event.

  • Commercial building issues resulting from a structural fire.

  • Brick collapse on commercial building.

  • Detachment of chimney from residential building due to winter storm event.

  • Water inundation in mechanical room of commercial building due to improper construction.

  • Deck settlement on residential structure.

  • Bowing of retaining wall due to construction defects and excessive parking lot loading.

  • Collapse of shallow trusses supporting roof of commercial building due to excessive snow loading.

  • Builder/general contractor caused numerous construction defects to a single-family residence in the State of Connecticut resulting in extensive water intrusion and resulting damage to the interior.

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